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5 Transferable Skills as a dancer!

1. A knack for problem-solving

If you accidentally ran on eight counts too early you would need to fix the problem and to do it fast. With a quick mind (and enough adrenaline), a dancer can handle anything from an onstage tumble to a class presentation gone wrong. The show must go on, after all.

2. Teamwork mentality

What greater example of teamwork is there than a corps de ballet? Dancing in the corps are required to work with a group of diverse personalities. This makes me a valuable player in group projects in which, like the corps, nobody looks good unless everyone looks good.

3. A thick skin" and perseverance

As difficult as it could be to hear from a school teacher that you are unlikely to pass their class, A dancer will use this opportunity and take it as a chance to up their game, ultimately exceeding expectations. Dancers know better than to take criticism or rejection personally. We recover gracefully, challenging ourselves to improve instead.

4. Unwavering dedication

Dance will teach you the value of keeping commitments. Dancers often miss out on concerts and parties in favour of rehearsals, classes and shows. If you don t show up, you miss out. While attending class in college is considered "optional," in reality, the same rule applies: Skip a day? Forget about straight A's.

5. A sense of self-discipline

Dedication matters, but showing up is only half the equation. Discipline is a side effect of our training, as technique classes are dictated to us through a series of commands. Self-discipline, however, is the drive to perform these actions to the best of one's ability 100 per cent of the time. Dancers are hard workers and self-motivators, taking their tasks seriously in any context. Whether it's nailing 32 fouett s or landing a dream internship, dancers have what it takes to achieve their goals.

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