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Why is ballet the foundation of dance and why is it important?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Ballet plays a very large role in the success of a dancer in all other styles. The technique, control, strength and flexibility you gain in ballet is the foundation you need to elevate the latest leaps, perfect your pirouettes and distort the traditional line. On top of the physical benefits, it also enhances your focus, dedication and mental health!

Here are a few reasons why ballet is a crucial part of a dancer s training.

  1. Body Awareness & Structural Knowledge: While practicing the art of ballet, you learn so much about your body, how it works, how it moves and how to take care of it. From learning names of bones and muscles to learning where to squeeze to get that extra pirouette in to simply knowing how to stretch which muscles dancers are very body aware!

  2. Posture & Alignment: Ballet is the best place to learn and develop posture because of the poise that is required in class. You take the time to focus on alignment through your whole body. Eventually, the posture used in the studio will translate to everyday life!

  3. Strengthens the connection between mind and body: Dance is a visual, kinetic and an aural stimulus. This can all happen at the same time because your brain is constantly problem-solving to perform the movements in time to the music. Ballet teaches you to connect verbal commands and musical cues with exercise demonstrations.

  4. Teaches Structure & Etiquette: From the moment you meet at the ballet barre, there is an immediate sense of discipline which provides the foundation for the rest of class. Ballet develops professionalism and etiquette in a way like no other. Technique is hard and very specific. It requires practice and a lot of repetition. This is why the qualities learned from dance apply to so many other areas of life such as school and work.

There are many types of dances around the world but there are those who are already well-known. It is also being taught in school the different types of dances and it has been also part of the competition worldwide. Anyone could choose what type of dance he likes. But there is also the theory that if you start with the ballet or make ballet as your foundation then you would be okay to learn other dances. This theory result from the fact that techniques from the ballet dancers are also used in other types of dances.

It is not easy to master some tricks in dancing as it can take years to do it. Others who might not understand what is required in dancing the ballet may not understand how dancers spend hours and hours practicing just for one performance that it seems simple.

Dancing the ballet could give you the body awareness and also the coordination. If you would learn it then you can be established it and then make your routines and ability in dancing other dance better.

In the eyes of others, it may not be a fun dance but the fun is in the challenge that lies with it. It is not the thought of being better than others that are also thought but better than yourself than yesterday.

The versatility that you can get from knowing the techniques that you can apply in other dance form is one feature that might help you in deciding whether to learn ballet or not.

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