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As we come to the end of our timetable before our summer break, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to thank our Danceworks & Stageworks family. This has been a wonderful year and it would have not been possible without the support and energy of our parents, guardians and wonderful teachers/coaches.

We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish together this year. At Danceworks & Stageworks we are very passionate about encouraging confidence building, teamwork, personal growth in a fun and safe environment. Beyond creating talented performers, we want our pupils to be good people both in and out of class. This mission would not be possible without the trust and support of our you all.

Thank you for ALL you do to make Stageworks & Danceworks an AMAZING place to shine.

Parents we would like to thank you for supporting your child’s love of performing. Thank for trusting our vision. Thank you for making sure the children arrive on time and every week. Thank you for making sure your child has everything they need for class. Thank you for your fees being on time. Thank you for following us on social media and joining in with competitions. Thank you for chaperoning shows, support at every show, award ceremony and exam. The list goes on and on! Most importantly, thank you for believing in your child’s dreams and choosing Stageworks & Danceworks to help guide your superstar.

Every year we witness SO much growth in our students. From our three-year-olds just finishing their first year of dance to our adult classes rekindling their love for dance again. We are SO proud. Thank you, pupils for your hard work, positive attitudes, and passion. You encourage and inspire us to become better teachers every day.

We’ve had a busy year, especially with our sell out 10-year anniversary shows, winning Birmingham’s Theatre school of the year, workshops, half term clubs, introducing exams to our Danceworks students and how can we forget our first online training sessions. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support throughout this time, talking time out of your schedules to help your children to keep going and following their dreams despite circumstances. We thank the families who were front line workers at this difficult time and who continued to pay fees for our online training.

We cannot wait to see our performers do what they do best & love. September WE ARE READY!

Thank you in advance for your energy for future performances. It would not be possible without your support.


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