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Pupil 1


Stageworks has really helped me to develop my confidence. Emma and the teachers have helped me to believe in myself and now I feel that I can do whatever I set my heart on. People tell me how confident I am and that comes from them. Thank you.

Pupil 2


Stageworks has helped me to be more determined and persevere. This is because when ever I have struggled to learn lines or a dance routine, I have been encouraged to keep practising. After a few weeks of perseverance my hard work paid off and I managed to perform well. This has helped me to persevere in other aspects of my life, like my school work. Furthermore, it's a lot of fun and I have made some great friends!

Pupil 3


I feel I am very determined because when I get lines I am happy to practise until I get them right. I like to try my best all of the time and try my hardest to get rewarded. I like to master all my dance routines and because of this I won the most determined trophy at Stageworks Academy.

Pupil 4


I love waking up on a Saturday morning. I will stay forever until I am too old to stay! Stageworks has helped me with confidence growth in all classes of singing, dance and acting. I am very confident now especially in dance! I do love all of the holiday clubs in the school holidays and I love talking about Stageworks to my friends and they want to come too!

Pupil 5


Thank you to the amazing team at Stageworks my belief in myself has grown massively. Mom- From the jaw dropping moment we first heard her sing a solo on stage to winning best actor of the year. Stageworks has enabled us to see our little girl become more self assured in her own abilities. Stageworks is the highlight of her week!

Pupil 6


I am 11 years old and I have been going to Stageworks since I was 4. The 7 years that I have been going to Stageworks I would never change for the world. I still remember the first time that I walked through those doors, I was so timid and shy! Now I could talk for England! I've also had the chance to perform centre stage which I never dreamed I would do. I am hoping to take up musical theatre as a career and that is only possible because the staff at Stageworks believe in everyone no matter what!


My then 4 year old daughter started here in September of last year doing ballet and tap. The staff are amazing and put so much time and effort in to it. Its helped build my daughters confidence and most of all she has fun and can’t wait to go every week! Couldn’t recommend a dance company more!


Amazing for my girl! So professional and talent there is astonishing! The coaches have really helped my daughters confidence grow sky high, so amazed! The shows they put on are just outstanding. Would highly recommend to anybody with children wanting to get into dance xx


My daughter Polly who’s 4 has been going to stageworks since jan she absolutely loves it the girls are so welcoming and make them feel at ease, plus we get to see her
Perform too which is amazing 5⭐️


You have no idea how much you’ve helped Noah. He is growing up to be much more confident because of your influences and he absolutely loves what he does each Saturday. This time last year he wouldn’t talk to anyone he didn’t know and cried in any assembly at nursery that we went to see. You’ve used his interests to make him comfortable enough to walk on stage and be the Noah that we, as his parents, love and admire!

Thanks x


My daughter has been attending Stageworks for around 2 years now and has enjoyed every minute of it. She has grown in confidence and spends hours in her room practicing the routines. She particularly enjoyed the recent competition and regularly puts on little shows for family and friends. Emma is an amazing teacher who supports all of the children to develop their techniques. I would recommend this dance school to everyone!!!! Thank you. Kylah can wait to return in September xx


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