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Musical Theatre


Classes start from £22.00 per month



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Mini School £27.00 per month
Main School £47.00 per month

*Sibling Discount Available*



Classes start from £22.00 per month



Classes are £47.00 per month


Classes start from £22..00 per month



Classes are £25.00 per month


IMini School £27.00 per month

Main School £64.00 per month*

Sibling Discount Available*


*Multi Class Discount Available*

At  Stageworks we hold our annual DANCE, AERIAL & ACRO show at Sutton town hall to showcase the children's amazing talents. In our annual show all dancers perform up to 2 routines that they have been working on in their class!  We also have our yearly show for all our Musical Theatre students performed at Walsall Arena. The children get the opportunity to audition for the roles available in the production, this is to encourage them to audition in a safe and fun environment to build their confidence and stage presence. Alternatively in our exam shows each group from our minis (yellow & red) & main school (Juniors, Inters & Seniors) will  perform their different shows. We choose to perform the pupils exam material to give them another experience of performing with an audience and also to give them the confidence for their exams.

Regularly at Stageworks we have professional performers come into our academy and teach a workshop to all of our pupils depending on theme of workshop. We have previously had performers from X factor, Take That backing dancers, Little Mix backing dancers, West end performers from Legally Blonde, Dirty Dancing, Lion King and more. These are amazing and children thrive from the experience - especially the Q&A time with these professional performers.

We offer work experience to students, support the Duke of Edinburgh with the skill certification and welcome The Children University. Please speak to a coach for more information. We also offer Assistant Dance coach positions to help pave way for the next generation of brilliant coaches. 

Pupils at Stageworks are encouraged to apply for external opportunities and auditions that we source. Current successes have been children performing in the touring show of 'The Nativity The Musical" 2019, 'Brassed off' at The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre 2018. 

We give pupils the chance to become Buddy leaders. A Buddy leader supports new pupils on their first month of classes to help them to settle inn and have an instant friend. For the Buddy this helps with confidence and leadership skill.

​We encourage students during our classes to become leaders and use the skills they learn to assist other members and possibly assist within classes. This prepares them for if they want to become a permanent assistant or continue their training to teach for Stageworks.

Every year at Stageworks we have exams with ABD, PAA & Acrobatic Arts. The children get to work within their set class for these exams enabling every child to have complete understanding of grade work in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Association Board of Dance is a leading examination board that offers regulated examinations in dance core subjects which are accredited by GQAL & OFQUAL and offers accredited technical examinations and medal tests in all forms of dance. Our fully trained and insured Acrobatic Arts coaches concentrate on seamlessly blending acrobatics and choreography in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Pupils will take part in exams from Level 1- Pre Pro 3 obtaining all required skills throughout.

Every year at Stageworks we have exams with Performing Arts Awards. The children get to work with their set classes for these performances enabling every child to have a lead role. 

Our previous exam results we have always received 100% pass rate from all children including mini school. 

The Awards at higher levels help children to build UCAS points they can use towards university applications.




We believe it is important for children to be regularly recognised for their achievements no matter how big or small. This is why at STAGEWORKS we have weekly trophies or class bears that get sent home for the week to an individual.

Every year we hold a presentation evening for each class and children are awarded medals and trophies to keep. This is a highlight of our year and all children and their families look forward to it. 

Recognition is important because it keeps the children focused and determined all year round. All children know that one year maybe their year for our SPIRIT TROPHY which is our biggest trophy of all. We also recognise Best Newcomer, Most Improved, Best Performer, Most Determined, Teaching Assistant, Dancer, Actor, Singer, Pupils Choice, and Triple Threat.


At Stageworks we work individually with children on their skills and techniques in class and use goals and techniques cards to track their progress. This enables us to see how far they come in classes and also as no child is the same, they all know their skill goals.


At Stageworks our Musical Theatre classes have a fabulous badge programme. This enables children to collect badges for Friendship, Singing, Dance, Acting, Commitment & Determination to name a few. This has been fantastic and gives all children something tangible to work towards and enjoy the experience of being celebrated throughout the year.

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