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Tap & Ballet

Tap & Ballet lessons for this age group are a fantastic way to keep your child active after school, It will help them strengthen their muscles and allow them to develop great balance and coordination along with flexibility, fluidity and team work. Concentrating on the technique requirements from ABD (Associate Board of Dance) this class is structured to enhance skills and continue their Tap & Ballet mastery.  

Learning a new type of dance can be a confidence booster, and help kids feel better about themselves. A great energetic class for new or experienced dancers.



In this Aerial class we progress with strength and flexibility moving onto the apparatus. This helps develop their on apparatus skills creating dynamic shapes and sequences in both silk and hoop. using our foundation skills we advance to intermidiate progressions creating a wider knowledge of skills and movement.



This sort after style offers opportunities for creative expression, it gives a sense of freedom and a 'voice' through the means of music and dance. Street dance is all about self-expression. Attending classes can help unleash your child's creativity. As they learn new moves and routines, Styles and choreography they'll be encouraged to develop their creative thinking working part of a versatile group


In our 8-11 group we progress from our foundation skills in our strength, flexibly and balancing, working towards different variations of skills, a higher level of tumbling and learning progressions towards more advanced combinations. This class continues on to produce well rounded dancers with equal body abilities. 


Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre classes are fun, fast-paced and offer opportunities for our young performers to improve their theatre skills and tackle bigger roles.

They are taught singing, dance and drama with opportunities for solo singing, harmony work, varied dance styles and script work.

Our students perform on stage at our annual show. This helps build confidence in performing in front of an audience. Every child is given a speaking role in our productions as well as learning to work as an ensemble which is an essential part of musical theatre training and a great life skill!

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