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Tap & Ballet

Our combined Tap & Ballet class promotes co-ordination, a sense of rhythm, strengthening and loosening foot, ankle and leg muscles along with muscle memory to improve technique and awareness, strength and flexibility. This will benefit all types of dance whether others are studied. The ABD syllabus allows for examinations to be taken if desired, classes are engaging and helps pave the way to a technical advanced level.



This skill based class teaches aerial hoop and silks. Continuing to build on strength, flexibility, coordination and exercising all at the same time. This class is a perfect mix of an activity that is exciting, enjoyable and gets you fit. 

Our students are kept engaged by new session plans each week that focus on introducing them to new moves & techniques that highlight their strengths while still working towards trickier goals. This advanced class is a great opportunity for teens to socialise and get to know other like-minded peers as well as boost their self-confidence and self-expression in a supportive and inclusive environment all whilst being airborn. 



This high energy, versatile class is great way to develop confidence and social skills and also meeting new peers. This class concentrates on teaching the real foundational elements of Hip Hop, Locking, Poppin, Breakin, Waacking, Krump and house dance. Stageworks aim to guide each student onto a pathway designed to meet their individual training needs, whether it just be for fun, to get fit, or to become a professional dancer.

As part of our syllabus, we have many options for students to develop themselves further with the encouragement to pursue the professional level.



Acro dance is a fusion of dance and gymnastics that combines elements of both disciplines to create a unique and challenging form of movement. Acro dancers learn a variety of acrobatic skills in this class and incorporate advanced sequences, tricks and balances into their dance routines. Developed discipline and teamwork skills, Core strength and flexibility, Enhanced creativity and musicality, Increased self-confidence in a fun and challenging class with a supportive and encouraging environment.


Musical Theatre

Overall, Musical Theatre is a fun and engaging activity that provides teens & young adults with many benefits, including opportunities to develop musical abilities, creativity, confidence, teamwork skills, self-expression, memory and focus, and a sense of community. This class is high in quality and allows students to gain a professional musical theatre experience. Stageworks work towards full scale productions & Exams. Students will also work on text, bringing well known scenes and routines to performance level. No previous experience is required, as vocational training will be given to suit each individual student’s needs. All you need is enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. 

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