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Tap & Ballet 3+

Our Ballet & Tap class for ages 3-7 is a great way for little ones to move in a fun environment! Our Ballet and Tap class benefit little dancers for their strength, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, balance, beats and rhythm. This group concentrates on fun learning to secure their technical foundation along with the use of props, musical interpretation, correct vocabulary, exploring imagination, creativity and friendship in a structured enviroment. 


Aerial 5+

Aerial Arts concentrates on giving the foundations towards flexibility training, balance, coordination and body alignment. Throughout these classes children learn the safety of equipment, individual skills and the beginning of sequencing. Our one on one teaching approach enables all children in the group to build confidence, become safely independent on the apparatus, all whilst having fun in the air.


Street 3+

Street dance is an excellent way to improve your child's coordination, balance and style as they'll be constantly moving their bodies in new and challenging ways. As they learn new skills, moves and grow in confidence they'll develop a greater sense of body awareness as-well as remembering patterns and sequences. An upbeat and exciting class to suit all levels. 


Acro 3+

In this age group we begin with understanding of how our body moves. Exercises are centred around building strength increasing flexibility and understanding how to achieve these safely. During class children take part in fun lead warm ups and challenges enabling us to concentrate on basic tumbling skills and balances.

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Musical Theatre 3+

Musical theatre training for 3-7yrs help children develop important social skills. By working together to create a performance, children learn how to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate with others. In addition to improving their singing, Dancing and Acting skills, your child will learn how to express themselves through these disciplines. In an enjoyable group children will develop their confidence and stage presence and even perform on the big stage!

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