Is my child's taster session Free?

Yes. Your child's taster session is completely free and every child is entitled to one taster session. After your taster session your first month of fees will be at reduced cost due to the taster session.

Taster sessions must be booked in advance and confirmed by a member of our team. 

Can my child bring a friend with them to the taster session?

Yes. We welcome friends to classes and also offer 'Bring a Buddy' days. All they will need to do is book in for a taster via our contact form.

What does my child need to wear/bring to a taster session?

For a taster sesion at any of our classes your child will need to wear comfortable easy to move in clothes e.g. leggings, tshirt & trainers. A bag with a drink (no fizzy pop) in and for Stageworks main school a healthy snack also.

How do I pay for classes?

All fees for classes are to be paid by standing order or bank transfer on the 1st on every month (September -July)

When your child joins us you will be given a membership number and this is also the payment reference number for your online payments.

Do payments change depending on the number of weeks in a month?


Our fees have been calculated annually and this fee is then divided equally into 11 monthly payments (September - July). So no the payment is the same every month. For those that it affects bank holidays, half terms and voting days have already been deducted.


Will anything happen if my payment is late?

Yes, If payments are late or missing there will be an admin late fee charge of £5 per child per week until the fees are received. 

What should my child wear for class?


All classes have a specific uniform. Please see the relevant class page or speak to your principal. Our uniform is in place for the benefit of the children but mostly for safety. If your child is not in the correct uniform or footware they may be refused class.


Are your classes insured?


Yes! All of our staff and classes are fully insured for the disciplines to be taught.


What are your term dates?


Our terms run along side the school terms. We Don't usually have classes during half terms unless absolutely necessary due to a performance or competition but notice will be given if needed.


Are your teachers qualified?

Yes. All of our teachers hold an enhanced DBS as well as having first aid training and safe guarding training. On our team are also 2 safeguarding officers and 2 mental health first aiders. So, your children are in extremely good care.


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


This does depend of which term we are in. Usually our new student intake is September or January however some classes can accept students during a term.


Can parents watch?


Unfortunately no. Not only because of our child safeguarding policy but also in our years of experience we find that children are like a magnet to their parents/carers and this can hinder and lengthen the time it takes to settle. So we do ask that during your child's taster and classes parents are not in the room.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


Our ratio of children to coaches is 1:20, however most of our classes have a teacher and an assistant meaning the ratios in majority are 1:10

Do you do shows?

Throughout the year at Stageworks and Danceworks we have regular performances from our annual shows, exam performances and presentations as well as community events and festivals. 

Do we have to pay for Costumes for shows?


At Stageworks and Danceworks we don't charge parents for purchase of costumes however we do charge a hire fee to cover the cleaning before and after a show. This is usually £10 per child.


Is my child expected to have good attendance and perform in shows?


Yes absolutely! Absence can affect the whole group of children especially when in the run up to a performance. If for any reason you know your child cannot attend a class or event we need to know in advance to allow for us to consider this during classes and choreography. Unfortunately if your child cannot attend a performance they won't be able to perform the show.

Do you do exams?

At Danceworks our children do exams with ABD (Associated Board of Dance) in ballet, tap, street dance.

At Stageworks we hold exams with PAA (Performance Arts Awards) in musical Theatre.