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The Associated Board of Dance Ltd (by guarantee) ABD is a dance examination board that offers regulated examinations in dance core subjects which are accredited by GQAL & OFQUAL and offers accredited technical examinations and medal tests in all forms of dance.

ABD operates internationally – we give a personal service to teachers involving syllabi work either at our headquarters or at your studio and offer support, advice and an insight to dancers entering the profession as teachers, performers or choreographers.

Our syllabi has been written by teams of experts in their particular field and our examinations demand a high standard of work which have gained a reputation and respect within the dance industry for quality.

ABD are corporate members of 'The British Dance Council' (BDC), The Theatre Dance Council International (TDCI) and also fully accredited members of the "Board of Dance Qualifications & Training" (BDQT) - comparability studies are regularly held with other recognised dance awarding organisations to ensure quality is maintained across the board.

ABD offers examinations and medal tests in the following:

Classical Ballet, National, Greek, Character.

Theatre Dance Modern / Jazz, Tap, Freestyle, Soft Musical Comedy, Acrobatic and Contortion, Song and Dance, Musical Theatre, Lyrical and Cheerleading.

Contemporary ABD's Contemporary Syllabus was launched in 2018 Commercial ABD's Commercial Syllabus is written and demonstrated by Josh Wharmby (E-Learning)

Ballroom and Latin American Classical Sequence & Old Time Freestyle Street & Hip-Hop, Rock 'n' Roll, Salsa and Argentine Tango

Irish Dancing Hard shoe, Light shoe and Ceili.

Speech and Drama

Technical Examinations

Syllabi are taken in the following subjects: Classical - Ballet Stage - Tap

All examinations may be taken in all grades up to and including professional qualifications. Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory, Primary, Grade One to Five, Pre-Elementary, Elementary/Associate, Intermediate/Licentiate and Advanced/Fellowship.

Medal Examinations

Commercial- Street

These examinations can be taken in the above subjects, including Drama and Song and Dance, either as Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartets, Troupes or Groups - in full stage makeup and costume.

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