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Stageworks have devised a brand new syllabus which has been specifically tailored for our pupils 16+. Our syllabus is designed to give complete understanding and knowledge for those wishing to obtain all skills required for a successful start in the arts at a professional level. This exciting new opportunity to help bridge a gap within the industry has been created by in house professionals offering insights, tools and pathways to prepare and support for their chosen profession.

Our syllabus includes a variety of opportunities that will benefit in the chosen path of performing, Stage Management, Screen Acting/Filming, Teaching and Creative Arts. Also adapting to the industry, how to manage yourself, prepare for auditions, network, self belief and confidence with opportunities to meet & learn from professionals as well as work experience. Why choose the PLUS? Plus is specifically created to give pupils 16-18 year olds the chance to learn skills such as working as a team, build confidence, public speaking, learning how to network all of which will allow them to stand out in their future.

What does it cover? Stageworks Plus is a training programme for 16- 18 year olds. Within the course these are just a few of the objectives that will be completed:

  • Acting- voice & speech, contrasting monologues, practitioners

  • Dance- dance technique, terminology, choreography

  • Singing- technique & Repertoire

  • Headshots & C.V

  • Theatre etiquette

  • Back stage Management, Technical support, Job roles within production

  • Audition preparation, Stage School information

  • Networking & Self Representation

  • Work Experience

  • Future careers

  • Work expirience & teaching opportunities within the Stageworks Family

All classes are term time only and fees are charged monthly due on the 1st of every month by bank transfer or standing order.

All staff are professionals or ex professionals giving your young adult the best training.

Working on a more one to one basis.

Stageworks Plus pupils will be supported with audition material and their own repertoire preparing them for their future in the arts along with knowledge of each job role within the arts.

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