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Future Opportunities From Performing Arts

Performing arts, involving dance, drama and singing, is much more than just a hobby. Whilst performing arts classes should always be enjoyable and interactive, they also offer a platform to discover many other opportunities within the industry.

Stageworks & Danceworks Academy provide fantastic classes for dancing, singing and drama between the ages of 3-18 years old. We always try to find opportunities in TV work, theatre and much more to improve your future options in performing arts.

Actors & Actresses

Acting is a competitive industry to get into but, with a background in performing arts, it can be much easier to get into. We always try to find auditions for our students to get into new roles, regardless of your age.

Performing arts can help you build up your confidence as an actor or actress, as well as improving your versatility to adjust to any role. By taking part in performing arts from a young age, this will give you an insight into acting within several different roles as well as acting in theatre and the difference between different stages for acting.


Whilst theatre performances involve aspects of dancing, drama and singing, there are several different career paths where dancing can be applied. Our Danceworks Academy can explore a range of dance styles, ensuring you can use this within different performances, no matter what production you are involved in.

Our dance work is commonly in relation to the other performing arts, however, this can be a great start to begin other types of dancing and give yourself a fantastic chance as a dancer. Even if you are not as interested in singing and dancing, having these skills should give you a better opportunity as a dancer in any theatre work.

Theatre Performer

Combining singing, dancing and acting is what we always want to achieve with our students. Even if you feel you have a weakness in one aspect of performing arts, we help to develop these skills to ensure you are confident regardless of what your performances require. When it comes to being involved in theatre work, you will be expected to complete dancing, singing and drama work.

Whether you just want to be involved in small productions or have dreams of Broadway, theatre performance can be a very achievable goal with experience of performing arts from a young age. This can help you get involved in more and more productions as you get older, ensuring you are ready to take on any role within a production.

Directing & Screenwriting

The other side of performing arts is being involved in backstage management, with directing and screenwriting often being one of the most popular routes to take. Although the transition from performing arts to directing and screenwriting may not be a direct path to take, it can give you an understanding of what work is required to be in this role.

There are also many other roles that are involved in the creation of the production, from lighting to prop creation. Being involved in performing arts from a young age is perfect to help you build confidence with every area of a production and gives you an insight into how the production is created.

Contact Us

If you are interested in performing arts for singing, drama or dancing, Stageworks & Danceworks Academy offer fantastic classes to improve your opportunities and skills. To begin your experience with our team, get in touch today. Call us on 07812 957 140 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry and receive a fast response.

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