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The pupils who we feel are making an improvement and are getting the recognition that they deserve through our weekly, monthly or annual awards.


1. Because they’re worth it

It’s the hard work and commitment of the pupils and they deserve it. Stageworks students work continuously to strive and reach goals each week, milestones are reached, and hard work, dedication and improvement is recognised.

2. It’s good to sing about the unsung heroes

Sometimes the smallest improvement to you can seem a massive achievement to another, We always encourage and support to make sure individuals are reaching their own personal achievements however big or small, no child gets over looked. We continue to keep moral and achieving up by our weekly winners. Their certificate, trophy or teddy bear can boost confidence so they now they are heading in the right direction.

3. You’ve got to be in it to win it

The awards are a celebration and not a competition. 100% commitment, trying other things out of your comfort zone and practising away from class are all valued sectors. The more you practice the easier it becomes, 100% attendance so you don’t miss out on important skills and trying things out of your comfort zone to broaden your horizons. We constantly monitor pupil’s progression throughout the year, this is reflected in our Stageworks reports. Our annual winners are calculated on a number of factors, their behaviour, kindness, improvement, goals to name a few.

4. It’s motivational

Getting an award is a huge honour and being recognised can really boost professional confidence and self-esteem. Anyone at any level are in with the chance to win a trophy/badge and better yet you get to keep it. What an achievement to represent our School and that specific title, especially with our yearly annual awards. Our exams for PAA , Aerial arts, Acrobatic Arts, LAMDA and ABD also reflect the children’s accomplishments, results and exam days are THE BEST!

5. Let them shine

Collectively, our winners provide a shining example of great work and excellence. We are proud of each and every one of them past, present and future winners. We love our pupils sharing their winning photos with friends and family, taking trophy’s/badges to their other hobbies and to show all their teachers and friends at school.

Our annual awards is a lovely friendly atmosphere with the children bursting with pride for themselves and their peers. All our pupils receive a yearly medal, so they all have something to go home with and remember their achievements for that year.

Below is whats up for grabs as we look for throughout the year for Stageworks

· Best newcomer- Someone who has just joined us who have made a lasting impression or someone who has just moved into an older group/class

· Most improved- Someone who has taken on board their teachers points and have become better and more confident

· Dancer award-Someone who have excelled in dance

· Singer award- Someone who have excelled in singing

· Acting award- Someone who have excelled in acting

· Triple threat- Someone who have excelled in all 3 genres

· Pupils choice- Their group vote on someone who has helped and supported them who have been an inspiration, positive impact or made them feel happy

· Spirit award – Someone with the all above

Badges for Stageworks

· Determination

· Friendship

· Commitment

· 100% Attendance

· Dance

· Act

· Sing

· Teddy champion x5 & x10

· Weekly trophy champion x5 &x10

· Goal card achievement bronze, silver gold

· Principal award

Below is whats up for grabs as we look throughout the year for Dance, Acro and Aerial.

· Best newcomer-Someone who has just joined us who have made a lasting impression or someone who has just moved into an older group/class, really tries and doesn’t give up

· Most improved- Someone who has taken on board their teachers point and have become better and more confident

· Most determined- Someone we can tell have practiced in their own time and never gives up

· Best performer- Someone who surprises us with confidence, facial expressions and energy on stage and in rehearsals.

· Spirit award -Someone with the all above, with kindness, 100% attendance and effort, gave their all, who have had a positive impact on others in the class, tries their best always, overall a joy to teach.

 Our shows speak for themselves!

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