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Why is Performing Arts Important?

Updated: Feb 21

Classes are an important factor from a young age. It can benefit children and young adults in many different ways and is also a really enjoyable activity to get involved in. If your child is interested in any performing arts, there are several reasons this could be a great option.

Stageworks Academy provide the perfect opportunity for all ages between 3 and 18 to get involved in acting, singing and dancing.

Is Performing Arts Important?

Performing arts can be beneficial in many different ways and will always help children develop their own skills. Regardless of your current age and whether you have any experience acting or dancing, it is never too late to get involved in these activities and open yourself up to new interests.

Performing arts will encourage all children to improve their confidence among other social and academic skill sets. This can play a crucial role in adult life as it can prepare you for many different scenarios that will be encountered.

Improving Confidence & Reducing Anxiety

Even from a young age, children can experience anxiety and might find it tough to really show off their own personality. Both acting and dancing classes can help reduce anxiety as children and teenagers will become used to performing in front of their peers and preparing for performances in front of larger audiences.

To make sure children are ready to perform in front of bigger audiences, performing arts is a great tool to improve confidence and give everyone assurance in their own ability when on stage. Working with many other individuals and our staff members, they will always have the support needed to improve their ability and build confidence. This confidence can then be applied to all other situations in the future so many worries in life are dealt with quickly.

Forming New Friendships & Perspectives

The fantastic thing about both dance and acting is that there are no limits as to who can get involved. Forming new friendships is one of the biggest benefits of getting involved in these activities, regardless of your current age and how long you take part in Stageworks & Danceworks Academy for.

Not only will this allow every individual to build new friendships with the people they are working with, but it also allows all children to find new perspectives and opinions. It is important that from a young age, children are open to interacting with people from different age groups, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Performing arts is one of the best methods to achieve this and create their own opinions whilst being open with all other individuals.

Creative Thinking, Problem Solving & Teamwork

As well as the social side of performing arts such as building friendships and confidence, both dancing and acting can assist with the academic aspects of a child s life. Creative thinking and problem-solving will always be developed when being involved in performing arts as every individual will have to come up with their own ideas and use their own initiative when both acting and dancing.

As performing arts involves many different children from all age groups between 3 and 18, this gives them the opportunity to work with people they would not usually work with and develop their skills within a team whilst learning from others.

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If you are interested in Stageworks Academy for yourself or your children, get in touch with our team today. We can discuss all the classes we have available as well as the holiday clubs that you can get involved in. Call us today on 07812 957 140 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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