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Dealing with Covid-19

If you’re worried about the impact of coronavirus on your mental health, you are not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic is a new and uncertain time for all of us, so it is only natural that it will affect our mental health in different ways. However you are feeling right now is valid. With the right help and support, we can get through this. Here is our advice on things you can do to keep mentally healthy during this time.

If you find yourself feeling down during self-isolation, it can be very easy to slip into the mindset that you are alone, but this isn’t the case.

Laura, 21

I am anxious about coming out of lockdown

  • It's totally normal to feel worried about things changing as we move out of lockdown. But if you find you're worrying so much it's hard to do other things, speak to a friend or trusted adult about how you're feeling.

  • Remember that it's OK to take things at your own pace.

I’m feeling anxious all the time

  • Anxiety is really high for lots of people right now, even people who don’t

  • A lot of people are finding things tricky at the moment, and allowing yourself to recognise that these are difficult times for everyone, and that it’s okay to struggle has really helped my anxiety surrounding this situation.

My mood is low because of all the bad news

  • Limit the time you spend checking the news and try to follow social media accounts that keep you positive and make you smile.

  • Follow the YoungMinds Instagram account! @youngmindsuk

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