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How Certified AcroDance Training Contributes to All Disciplines of Dance

With the wide variety of dance disciplines available today, what benefit can adding acrobatics to a studio’s programming provide? Acro, similar to ballet, permeates throughout all disciplines of dance and is beneficial in many ways, not just for the big tricks. When done right, dancers who add carefully developed acrobatic classes to their training will become stronger, more balanced and more flexible. These attributes are important foundational elements for all aspects of dance. Solid Acro technique is easily recognizable in a dancer, even if they are not performing a routine specifically labelled ‘AcroDance’.

Of course, the big tricks are what typically sells a dancer on Acro classes, and for good reason. There is now an expectation that an advanced dancer is able to provide those ‘wow moments’ that accentuate any performance, regardless of its category. However, it is important to recognize that dancers require acrobatic training specific to dance. Traditionally, dance instructors assumed that taking gymnastics would be an adequate way for their dancers to acquire those skills. This is now known to be untrue because the training and alignment required for a gymnast to tumble on a sprung floor are not the same as what is needed for a dancer to execute tricks on a hard stage. Acro skills for dancers should be taught in an AcroDance class according to an accredited Acro syllabus.

By offering a recognized AcroDance program at your studio, you can ensure that it is done right. With the increased risk that Acro can carry, it is so important to protect your dancers and ensure they are developing their strength, flexibility, and tumbling skills according to a carefully planned, progressive curriculum. With this in mind, your dancers will experience how Acro improves all disciplines of dance, in addition to providing them with a skill set that will elevate any performance.well rounded dance education.

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