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Why are exams important?

Why Are Dance Exams Important?

Exams don't just happen in academic schools, they're done in the arts too. But why are these exams so important?

An exam gives each student a goal to work to and let them achieve it. But what your child needs to do to get the goal is probably something they can't easily learn from the four corners of their academic school.


Dancers need a great amount of discipline not only to learn their dance theory, but working hard in class for them to reach the technical requirement of each grade level.


Achieving one's goal always heightens self-esteem, especially if this is done in a classroom environment, this definitely increases each dancers respect amongst each other and learning what teamwork is all about.


As they progress to higher levels, the students will achieve not just certificates but possible memberships to one of the most recognised dance organisations in the world.

Exams are simply important because they would provide the development of strong technique, artistry and most importantly instill strong moral character, and value for excellence

Exams are valuable because they provide the development of strong technique, artistry and quality of movement. Exams instill strong moral character, values and a passion for excellence.

Our Dance, Musical Theatre and Acro exams allow your performer to delve deeper into the world of performing arts and provides accountability to their training. Your dancer will also develop improved physical training, goal setting, respect and discipline as well as confidence.

  1. Exams are reliable Exam results indicate the standard achieved by students within a nationally recognised framework. • Exams are an important part of the learning process; • Exams structure the learning process in a progressive way; • Exams provide a robust measure of achievement of technical, musical, and performance skills from beginner to professional level; • Exams provide the highest quality of constructive feedback, supported by a rigorous Quality Assurance Framework; • Exams help teachers monitor the progress of individual students.

  2. Exams help students • Exams are open to all; • Exams enable students to optimise opportunities to realise their potential; • Exams help students develop self-confidence; • Exams help students develop artistry and musicality; • Exams are excellent audition practice; • Exams are excellent preparation for a professional dance career; • Exam certification acknowledges achievement, which is important for those who wish to pursue a career in dance; • Exams carry UCAS points; • Exams help students’ CVs look great! They show potential employers that students are creative, goal-oriented, willing to learn, and committed to achieving difficult tasks.

  3. Many students enjoy Exams Many students love to be challenged, achieve, and progress, and take great pride in Exam success. • Exams reward achievement; • Exams can motivate further learning; • Exams are something to celebrate!

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