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Working within reach

Social media has become a powerful platform within the dance world. Not only are there endless videos of incredible dancers performing incredible routines, but also a growing supply of How-To videos, produced by anyone with an internet connection. Acrobatic skills are a popular post, and also a dangerous one. How easy for a young dancer to watch an advanced trick and say “I can do that”, before they are ready.

The competition, the pressure... the parents! How can dance teachers ensure their students progress within their abilities so they can safely reach that advanced level, while also satisfying YouTube watching parents? Dance instructors need an evidence based lesson plan that effectively demonstrates to parents and students why working within reach will lead to safely accomplishing advanced technique.

With a well defined AcroDance Syllabus, dance instructors can feel confident that they are progressing their students safely toward the advanced levels without missing any steps. They also have illustrated examples of why mastering particular elements of strength, balancing and flexibility will progress to mastering the big tricks. And with objectively graded progress cards and exam results, parents are provided with concrete feedback about what level their child is at, and when it is appropriate to progress to the next level.

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