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Time to take more classes?

You have already chose the best Dance school that suits you but, are you considering whether it's worthwhile to enrol in one or more classes? Do you wonder whether you have the time for more than one dance class? When you are first starting out in dance, you will find that it is beneficial to try more than one style of dance to choose what you like best. You will want to consider the types of classes that you prefer. Tap, Ballet, Acro, Musical Theatre or Street. When it comes time to choose your classes, you will want to understand these benefits of why you should take more than one dance class.

You also get to make more friends!! Win win!

Heres a few reasons as to why we think its important to do multiple classes.

Learn Multiple Styles

When you take more than one dance class, you learn different styles. Instead of limiting yourself to only learning techniques of one style of dance, consider learning many. This way, you will have exposure to many styles, which will give you the chance to pick your favorite. When it comes to dance, you may find yourself enjoying a style that you never thought you would. Give it a try, and even you may be surprised.

Learn from Different Teachers

When you take one dance class, you will only have exposure to one dance teacher. Every teacher offers their own spin and teaching style for that particular class. However, when you take more than one dance class, you have the opportunity to learn from multiple instructors and gain insight into other learning styles. This will help you find your groove and gain versatility in your learning experiences. Over time, you may realize what works for you - and what doesn't.

Learn More Techniques

Learning multiple dance styles has many benefits, including the fact that you will be more proficient in many different techniques. Each style of dance has specific moves, tempos, rhythms, and other characteristics that are unique to only that style. When you take more classes, you will be exposed to many more techniques. Along with gaining more flexibility, strength, posture and being technically correct so we avoid injury as well as conditioning our dance bodies safely.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice, then the more you will fine tune your dancing craft, technique, and style. Taking more than one dance class will teach you to become better-rounded as a dancer, which will benefit you no matter which dance classes you choose to take. After all, practice makes perfect.

Why do we need to learn different dances?

Learning a variety of dance styles allows for versatility in the way your body is able to translate movement and choreography. When you have a wider vocabulary to work from, your ability to comprehend and take ownership over your learning (be is dance or otherwise) enhances. All techniques serve each other.

These are just a few of the reasons why you may want to consider taking more than one dance class at a time. When you start dancing, you will be able to learn different styles. Over time, you can eliminate the ones that you don't enjoy and you can gravitate towards the one you do, especially if you want to make a career out of it, However, you won't know it until you try it so book now for your FREE taster session and we will see you in class!

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